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The “RFID Anti-Counterfeit Service” that integrates IOT application with NFC mobile phone will unveil the counterfeit products


More than anti-counterfeit, PHONEKEY RFID anti-counterfeit service also includes logistics, marketing, promotion, after-sales service and electronic lock function.
1. Support GS1 EPC logistics function:

UserStar “PHONEKEY dedicated anti-counterfeiting RFID tag” supports ISO/IEC 15693 specification, and reserves data fields in the RFID tag for writing “EPC code”. If the RFID tag stuck on each product had been written “EPC Code” released from GS1 before it was dispatched from the factory, the product with the RFID tag can totally support the global logistics standard set by GS1.


2. “PHONEKEY” makes the NFC mobile phone more than mobile phone. It is also a key:

PHONEKEY RFID tag is also the electronic lock. Customer can use the same “PHONEKEY” app to lock/unlock all the electronic locks with PHONEKEY RFID tag inside. For example, as shown in Figure 7, the “dashboard” of an electronic bicycle can be used to turn on/off the main power and control other functions.。

Fig.7 The “dashboard” of an electronic bicycle

3. Bridge the contact between consumer and Brand Company:
As long as product uses PHONEKEY RFID tag, consumer can use NFC mobile phone to verify the product by reading the tag. This function is also available “anytime and anywhere“, and the authenticity is got from Global Service Center immediately. Therefore, “PHONEKEY” can be the contact bridge between consumer and Brand Company:

(1) Accurate marketing and promotion media:

As shown in Figure 8, consumers get the verification pass page through authenticity verification process. On this page, there are also relative product information, such as product name, model serial number, production date, warranty date, origin and news. The Brand Company can make brand image through this remote mobile service and convenient process.

(2) Accurate after-sales services:

After registering in the after-sales service website provided by Brand Company, consumer can have accurate product service by clicking Brand Company’s name in the verification result page (Figure 8). The page will be directed to after-sales service website, and the UID (Unique ID Code) of the product will also be sent to Brand Company to get the accurate service (Figure 9).

(3) Product theft/lost recovery:

Consumer can register and manage products by Cloud Service Activation Code where in the product package. If the registered products was stolen or lost, the holder can release "theft notification" by PHONEKEY APP or after-sales service website. The stolen or lost message of this product and the holder’s phone and E-mail will appear on time after true confirmation by everyone. This system will effectively help the holder find his products back.


        Fig.8 Verification result page    Fig.9 Demo for after-sales service website

Brand Company can integrate relative product service to the easiest way for consumers to contact through the verification result page of PHONEKEY anti-counterfeit service which is achieved anywhere and anytime through the consumers' NFC mobile phone. As a result, consumer can buy real products without worrying, the Brand Company can also provide maturity product and service, and then the counterfeit market will suffer major blow.



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